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With diabetes affecting over 400 million people worldwide, the demand for blood glucose test strips continues to rise. This has led to a thriving secondary market where partially used test strip boxes are resold to help make them more affordable. For resellers, it’s important to understand which brands of diabetes test strips are most in demand. This allows them to stock the products that will sell quickly at the best prices.

The Diabetic Test Strip Market

Diabetes has reached epidemic levels globally and medical expenditures for diabetes have climbed to hundreds of billions each year. For diabetes patients, test strips are an essential daily expenditure to monitor blood sugar levels. These test strips can cost upwards of $1 each, and the average diabetic may use 1-2 per day. This creates financial strain for many families.

The secondary market for partially used diabetic test strip boxes helps reduce costs. Resellers can acquire test strips at discounted rates, passing savings on to end-users. Still, resellers must stock the brands that are most in demand to ensure rapid sales.

Factors Influencing Demand for Brands

When deciding which test strip brands to carry, resellers should consider:

  • Brand reputation – Well-known brands like OneTouch and Freestyle are recognized for accuracy and quality. This trust in the brand drives demand.

  • Meter compatibility – Strips must be compatible with end-users’ glucose meters. The most widely used meters include OneTouch Ultra, Accu-Chek Aviva, and Freestyle Lite.

  • Primary market prices – Brands that are most costly when purchased retail tend to have the highest resale demand.

  • Innovative features – Brands that offer special features like quicker reading times or smaller blood volumes may be more desirable.

Top Diabetic Test Strip Brands in Demand

OneTouch Ultra

OneTouch Ultra strips remain a top seller. Their 50% smaller blood volume requirement makes them easy to use. They are widely compatible with popular meters like the OneTouch Ultra and work with alternate site (AST) testing. Prices range from $0.25-$0.50 per strip in the resale market.

Freestyle Lite

Freestyle Lite strips require only a small 0.3 microliter blood sample. They offer accurate results in just 5 seconds. Their compatibility with the popular Freestyle Lite glucose meter makes them a hot seller, at $0.15-$0.35 per strip resold.


TrueMetrix is a newcomer gaining heavy demand. These strips use a technology that allows re-use for up to 14 days, reducing waste. They work with the affordable True Metrix glucose meter. Resale prices range from $0.30-$0.60 apiece.

Other top brands like Accu-Chek Aviva and Contour Next also have strong followings, thanks to meter compatibility, brand trust, and price points.

Emerging Brands to Watch

With diabetes prevalence increasing, new test strip brands are entering the market.


Recently released a generic test strip for 50-70% less than name brands. Early reviews praise their accuracy. If future results remain consistent, demand could be high.


Innovus Pharma just gained FDA approval for Sannuo test strips that provide color-coded results indicating hyperglycemic, hypoglycemic or normal glucose levels. This revolutionary feature may create substantial interest.

Factors That Affect Resale Value

When reselling test strips, higher prices can be commanded for:

Conversely, opened boxes, damaged packaging, and nearing expiration dates will lower resale value.

The Importance of Authenticity

The dangers of counterfeit test strips cannot be overstated. Using fake or copied test strips can lead to dangerously inaccurate blood glucose readings. This puts diabetes patients at severe risk if they make treatment decisions based on the results.

Numerous cases have been reported of counterfeit test strips providing falsely low blood sugar readings. This could potentially cause a patient to take unnecessary insulin, inducing hypoglycemia. Hypoglycemia can lead to confusion, loss of consciousness, seizures, and even death in extreme cases. Erroneously high readings from fake strips also pose problems by preventing proper diabetes management.

Counterfeit test strips have unfortunately become commonplace, with some estimates stating up to 10% of test strips sold worldwide are fake. These copycat products are able to be mass produced cheaply and generate major profits for scammers, while putting patients’ lives in jeopardy. This growing black market is further fueled by the fact brand name test strips are some of the most expensive everyday medical supplies.

Spotting fake test strips is exceptionally difficult, even for well-meaning resellers. Counterfeiters go to enormous lengths to make their packaging and materials look authentic. The only foolproof way to avoid counterfeits is purchasing directly from reputable manufacturers. Buying through authorized distributors like American Medical Surplus provides a further layer of protection and security.

By partnering with manufacturers and upholding strict sourcing protocols, American Medical Surplus verifies all products for legitimacy prior to resale. We provide full transparency to customers about our suppliers and audit processes. Your health is our top priority. When you purchase test strips through American Medical Surplus, you can feel confident they are 100% genuine.

Tips for Those Looking to Sell

For those looking to sell surplus test strips, it’s essential to:

  • Store strips in a cool, dry place to maintain integrity.

  • Research current market rates for the brand(s) you have available.

  • Partner with a trusted reseller like American Medical Surplus to get the best deals and validation of authenticity. This protects both buyers and sellers.

Know Your Diabetic Test Strip Brands

The test strip resale market helps make diabetes management more affordable. For resellers, stocking the brands most in demand is key to success.

Brand reputation, compatibility, pricing, and innovation drive desirability. By focusing on top sellers and authentic products, resellers can thrive while providing a valued service to patients.

About American Medical Surplus

American Medical Surplus is a trusted buyer and distributor of unused diabetic testing supplies. We provide hassle-free transactions and fair market value pricing to customers nationwide.

Our fully licensed team follows all medical surplus laws and guidelines to ensure the highest standards of quality and safety. Sell your excess diabetic testing supplies legally and securely by contacting us today.

If you have unneeded diabetic test strips, visit American Medical Surplus today to get a free quote and turn those unused supplies into cash.

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