Stephen Colbert Chimes In On Trump’s Lackluster Courthouse MAGA Rally Trendynewsbro


“Once he finally arrived downtown at the courthouse, we heard these immortal words: ‘This moment at 1:24 p.m. Eastern time, Donald J. Trump is under arrest,’” said Colbert, using a CNN clip. “I know. It feels good, but remember, he is innocent until proven so, so guilty.”

“At that point, of course, he was read his Miranda rights,” Colbert continued. “Then, he claimed that Miranda wasn’t even his type, asked her to sign an NDA and got indicted again.”

“Wow, that’s kind of special,” said Colbert. “It’s not often you see a door hitting an ass on the way in.”

Colbert noted that pundits had predicted “an angry MAGA mob” would overwhelm the city protesting Trump’s arrest. But that didn’t happen, he said, pointing to an Intelligencer article that reported “there were so few pro-Trump protesters that reporters had to … line up to talk to them.”

“It’s never a good sign when there are fewer people at your current rally than are in prison for your last one,” joked Colbert.

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