LayerZero to $3 Billion — Airdrop Increasingly Alluring | by Mbrio | Coinmonks | Apr, 2023


Discover LayerZero’s revolutionary protocol and how you can be a part of its potential airdrop


LayerZero is a game-changer in the blockchain space. By enabling seamless communication between various chains and bridging the gap between different crypto networks, LayerZero is set to transform the way we interact with blockchain networks.

In this article, I show you what makes LayerZero so exciting, take a look at LayerZero’s latest round of funding and outline what that means for a potential airdrop.

Then I show you step by step how you should proceed in order to be considered for a probable LayerZero Airdrop.

LayerZero aims to link all EVM (Ethereum Virtual Machine) chains and consolidate all liquidity pools, allowing for seamless swaps between assets, such as converting Ethereum (ETH) on the Ethereum blockchain to Polygon (MATIC) without the need for bridges or token wrapping.

The benefits of Layer Zero include more efficient and streamlined cross-chain swaps, while reducing the risks associated with bridges, such as losing funds due to security exploits.


LayerZero, the TCP/IP of the Blockchain Universe.

LayerZero protocol, according to co-founder and CEO Bryan Pellegrino, is akin to the internet’s TCP/IP messaging protocol. This groundbreaking technology empowers applications like Stargate Finance and Aptos Bridge and enables layer-2 networks like Arbitrum and zkSync to move assets effortlessly.

LayerZero’s latest funding round and the support from influential investors like Christie’s, Samsung, and OpenSea are a testament to the revolutionary potential of the LayerZero protocol. LayerZero Labs, the mastermind behind the LayerZero protocol, has successfully completed its Series B funding round, raising an impressive $120 million.

This latest cash infusion values the company at an astounding $3 billion, with a lineup of 33 distinguished investors, all vying to be part of this groundbreaking technology.

With its recent funding, LayerZero becomes one of the most significant potential upcoming airdrops. If LayerZero releases a token soon, its market capitalization will be based on LayerZero Labs’ valuation, among other things. This now stands at 3 billion — so a token airdrop could have roughly the same valuation. That would theoretically make the airdrop more valuable than Arbitrum’s. Of course, this is all speculation, but the latest round of funding makes it clear once again that LayerZero could have an airdrop not to be missed.

To be eligible for a potential LayerZero airdrop, it is necessary to interact with relevant dApps built on LayerZero technology. I have selected 5 very promising projects for you to try out.

4/ Rage Trade

Rage Trade uses Layer Zero’s cross-chain communication protocol to transmit messages between the Host Chain and LP Chain.

Rage Trade has not yet introduced a token, but it is highly probable that the $RAGE token will be launched, with early users potentially receiving rewards. It might be worth to create some volume on Rage Trade to become eligible for a $RAGE airdrop. Using Rage could also boost your chances of receiving a LayerZero airdrop.

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