Israel Palestine news LIVE: Hamas urges Palestinians to stay home after Israeli army orders Gaza evacuation as ‘hundreds’ of rockets are fired towards Jewish state Trendynewsbro


Israel’s military sent one evacuation order directly on Friday morning, telling the 1.1 million people living north of an area called Wadi Gaza to move south.

This would mean the entire population of Gaza City and its surroundings fleeing their homes, shown in the green area in the map below.

The UN says it is impossible to move that many people without devastating humanitarian consequences, and has urged Israel to rescind the order.

The 2.3 million people living in the Hamas-ruled Gaza Strip are densely packed into a sliver of land that is just 25 miles long and 7 miles wide.

It is already facing a dire humanitarian crisis, with no power, food, water or medicine coming into the enclave, as Israel levels entire neighbourhoods with strikes.

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