Hats Finance — The Crypto Security Meme Competition Victors | by PVMihalache | Coinmonks | Sep, 2023


We turn black hat hackers into white hat hackers using the right incentives. Hats Finance is creating the future of security!

Crypto security is one of the hottest topics of 2023, and the Hats Finance innovative proactive bounty protocol aims to enhance the security dynamics in the Cryptoverse.

The Hats team aims to turn black hat hackers into white hat hackers and auditors, thorough a system where protocols incentivize security. Hats Finance brings blockchain education and crypto security by using scalable vaults.

As explained to us by the crypto savvy Reading Ape:

Hats Finance is a decentralized bug bounty marketplace where any protocol can easily set up a bounty using stables or other on-chain assets. Most importantly, anyone can deposit into the bounty to raise it so that it can attract more security audit researchers.

Users can deposit in the bug bounty of the protocols they use to protect their own investments and get rewarded too. Doing so raises the confidence level of the protocols in the crypto space, which attracts even more users and builders in.

The DeFi growing patterns suggest that the current technology is subject to code errors and flaws. Blockchain solutions are spreading worldwide, eliminating third party involvement. The decentralized financial system permissionless nature can expose the users to high risks.

The importance of crypto security? Investments must be made in a secure environment. The vision is achieved on EVM and Layer-2, with the implementation of a decentralized smart bug bounty marketplace.

The open bug bounty protocol allows anyone to provide liquidity to bug bounties, providing ongoing security and community involvement. The claim process is straightforward, with no KYC required!

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