De.Fi v2 insane referral program. The wallet tracking & protection app… | by Investor Bren | Coinmonks | Nov, 2023

Investor Bren

The wallet tracking & protection app De.Fi is taking things to the next level and they are successfully hyping up their v2 token launch with a strong referral program.

The De.Fi referral program is strong. But you should never push a project to someone who doesn’t understand it.

I personally invested a small amount in De.Fi (min is 99$) because I’m a degen and 5 months ago, they asked me to do a sponsored video, which I did because all the tools were free to use. Meaning: I have 0 risk.

Being as neutral as possible: I think they are playing on a lot of hypes, which is fine if they can act fast. However, to be promising long-term, they should focus on what makes them unique: the web3 antivirus. The risk that I see is that they’ll spread themselves too thin, chasing hypes.

I also don’t like how hard it is to find a whitepaper. The information on the website is very limited and not enough to make any serious investment.

The good: the current products work and they have 3M active users. This means their marketing is on point. They have been around for a while and the team is doxed, which is good. I also have a handful of 2nd line contacts that work there.

The bad: the current De.Fi v2 launch page gives me classic ClickFunnels-vibes. It’s a bit too salesy for my taste and it lacks the depth that I need to do further research. There is a risk they spead themselves to thun chasing the hypes, rather than dominate with their core product.

My opinion: I’m treating De.Fi v2 as a degen play and it goes into my IDO-bucket: high risk, small investment (aka “casino money”). I’ll check again in one year.

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