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The medical term for a double chin is submental fat, a frequent condition brought on by fat buildup under the chin. A double chin is frequently a sign of extreme obesity; in certain cases, drooping skin and heredity may also be to blame. Losing weight will help you regain your attractiveness if gaining weight causes your double chin. To start shedding those extra pounds, eat more fresh produce, fruits, and lean proteins like fish and poultry while avoiding processed meals, dairy products, and sweets. 

Here, this blog provides a comprehensive guide on double chin exercises to help you achieve a more defined and youthful jawline.

What causes a double chin?

causes a double chin

Typically, weight increase is the main factor causing a double chin. Being overweight can contribute to the buildup of that extra flab, typically excess fat, and skin under the chin. Rapid weight gain or decrease may also be a contributing factor.

In addition to weight gain or fluctuations, the following factors may also be at play:

  • Age: As you age, your skin becomes less elastic and sags around your neck and jaw.

  • Genetics: Sometimes, despite a person’s best efforts to the contrary, their particular genetic make-up might result in developing a double chin.

  • Poor posture: While not a primary cause, poor posture can exacerbate double chin issues by wrinkling the skin and weakening the muscles there.

  • Poor diet: A sedentary lifestyle and eating habits contribute to excess fat growth. Fat can build up almost anywhere on the body; for some people, it does so under the chin.

Exercises for chin fat reduction: The following are the most effective double chin exercises to tone and firm the muscles in your neck and jawline:

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1. Kiss the ceiling-   

Hear us out if you’re wondering how kissing the ceiling, which you can not even reach, will lessen your double chin. Gazing up activates the chin muscles and aids in fat burning, making this workout quite efficient.  

Maintain a straight back and shoulders while looking up and tilting your head back. Feel the skin around your chin and neck tighten as you pucker your lips. After holding for 15 seconds, release. You’ll see benefits after just one week of daily repetition of this activity. 

2. Tongue press-  

With this simple exercise, you may get rid of obstinate chin fat. Raise your gaze, tilt your head back, and straighten your shoulders. Put your tongue on the top of your mouth when your chin tense. Release after five seconds of holding. Perform three sets of five repetitions each day. 

3. The ‘O’ –

By forming shapes with your mouth, you can naturally minimize facial fat. Tilt your head up, straighten your back and shoulders, and keep your lips sealed. Hold the shape of a ‘O’ with your lips for ten seconds. Per day, perform two sets of 10. 

4. Stretch Your Neck To The Side-

This short, simple, and incredibly effective yoga pose that helps to eliminate a hard double chin comes in first place on our list of double chin exercises. Start with holding a straight back and neck while maintaining the position. 

Next, extend your neck to the right as much as possible without putting too much strain on it. Hold this position for a minute before performing the exercise on your left side. For two to three months, perform a set of 10 repetitions every day.

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5. Try neck rotations-

The results are quite spectacular, and this is one of the best double chin exercises we have ever attempted. In addition to reducing a double chin look, rolling your neck from side to side also helps relieve aching neck cramps. Rotate your neck in a circle from right to left, holding for five seconds on each side. Try this as frequently as possible during the day for the best effects.

6. Try Chewing Gum-

Chewing gum could be your passport to the jaw of your dreams, so believe us when we say that! Regular chewing movement is one of the finest ways to keep your facial muscles active and decrease double chin. This reduces baby fat from your cheeks while focusing on the annoying fold between your neck and face.

7. Just Do A Jaw-

Try a jaw jut if your chin fold is giving you trouble. All you have to do is maintain a straight back and shoulders. When you feel a grip on your jawline, jut out or push your lower jaw forward and hold for 5 to 10 seconds. Before repeating, let go and unwind. For maximum outcomes, you should repeat this double chin exercise ten times daily.

What Are Some Home Remedies To Try?

Wheat germ oil: For 10 minutes, gently massage wheat germ oil under the chin. Vitamin E, abundant in wheat germ oil, helps tighten the skin around the jawline and prevents fat from accumulating there. 

One egg white, milk, and honey: Combine the three ingredients. This mixture should be applied thinly and left to dry. Use ordinary water to wash it. The skin-tightening benefits of egg white, milk, and honey help decrease double chins.

Gently massage the jaw and neck with a warm spoonful of olive oil. Give it a night. Olive oil is an antioxidant and vitamin E powerhouse that nourishes the skin, helps tighten it, and minimizes fat buildup beneath the chin.

Green tea, which is very high in catechins, is the finest for aiding weight loss throughout the body. When used with jaw-raising workouts, these herbal teas can help you lose extra weight from under your chin. Simply steep one teaspoon of green tea in water, top it with honey, and sip. To ensure results, carry out this for a full month.

  • Massage with Vitamin E capsules-

Vitamin E oil has a wealth of antioxidants that not only keep the skin hydrated and prevent it from environmental harm but also lessen the look of wrinkles, a double chin, and droopy cheeks. Put the oil from the vitamin E capsules on your palm. To eliminate the double chin, properly massage it with upward strokes.

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Healthy Eating Recommendations- 

Well, if a double chin is caused by being overweight, decreasing weight can help you get rid of it. A balanced diet with healthy foods and regular exercise are the best ways to get rid of that extra weight.

  • Include four to five servings of fresh veggies per day in your meals to maintain good health.

  • Include three servings of whole fruits as a snack in your eating plan.

  • Instead, replace refined grains with complex carbs such as whole-grain bread, cereals, quinoa, millet, and wheat.

  • Eat less prepared or preserved food.

  • Eat foods rich in lean protein, such as eggs, fish, and chicken.

  • Include wholesome fats like olive oil, avocados, ghee, and almonds.

  • Have milk and milk products with low fat.

  • Limit your sugar intake.

  • Avoid fried and processed foods.

Medical Procedures to Remove a Double Chin-

Even though using natural ways is a terrific approach to reducing extra fat under the chin, occasionally, people seek an immediate fix. Both surgical and nonsurgical options are available.

Nonsurgical treatments-

Mesotherapy, a nonsurgical treatment option, involves injecting substances that dissolve fat under the chin. It is a drawn-out process that could take up to 100 injections over six months.

Surgery alternatives-

These surgical procedures provide quicker outcomes:

  • Lipolysis: The extra fat is eliminated using a laser or suction (liposuction).

  • Face-lift: The extra skin and fat around the neck and chin are cut away.

  • Neck-lift: A neck lift involves either removing excess skin (cervicoplasty) or tightening the muscles in the neck (Platysmaplasty).


Most individuals want a defined, prominent jawline frequently masked by fat under the chin. Submental fullness, or more often, a double chin, is what this is. Several self-directed methods could aid in chin fat reduction. For speedy outcomes, you might also use medical procedures. However, they are frequently pricey and short-lived if you keep your way of life the same.

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