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MC businesses are some of the best ways to make money in GTA Online. They were added by Rockstar Games as part of the Bikers DLC update in 2016. Since then, they have been an important part of the Grand Theft Auto Online economy and a regular source of income for players.

MC businesses are passive and generate profits in the background. Players must periodically restock supplies and keep enemies out of the premises to keep them running. Once they have been restocked, the businesses will convert the supplies into salable goods while players are engaged in other activities.

GTA Online provides several types of MC businesses, each with its own set of products and profits. While Rockstar Games does not explicitly tell players about the profits from the businesses, this article ranks them based on profits in GTA Online.

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Ranking Counterfeit Cash Factory and 4 other great MC businesses in GTA Online according to their profits

5) Document Forgery Office

The Document Forgery Office is the least profitable MC business in GTA Online. As the name implies, it manufactures and sells counterfeit documents, such as passports and driver’s licenses, on the black market.

Rockstar Games offers four locations to set up the business, with prices ranging from $650,000 to $1,235,000. However, the profits are extremely low, and it will take several days to recover the establishment cost itself. A full batch of Document Forgery Office products yields only $150,000 in profits. On the contrary, a full batch of supplies costs $75,000, and players must fill it twice to generate a full batch.

4) Weed Farm

The Weed Farm is slightly more profitable than the Document Forgery Office, but in terms of product value, it ranks lower than most other businesses in GTA Online. As its name suggests, it is an indoor weed farm that illegally grows and sells weed blocks. While the setup costs range from $715,000 to $1,385,000, the maximum profit per batch is only around $300,000.

A full batch of supplies costs $75,000, and it takes around four hours to generate a whole batch of products. The business is usually profitable during double and triple money bonuses, but on normal days, most players avoid it due to the lower income.

3) Counterfeit Cash Factory

The Counterfeit Cash Factory is the third most profitable MC business in GTA Online. It is also one of the most popular passive businesses due to its ability to produce a full batch of products in around five hours. The factory produces counterfeit money and sells it for a higher profit. Rockstar Games also provides one of its locations for free with the Criminal Enterprise Starter Pack.

While a full batch of supplies produces goods worth around $176,000, a full batch of goods generates profits of up to $350,000. However, players must purchase staff and equipment upgrades to make the most out of the MC business in GTA Online.

2) Methamphetamine Lab

The Methamphetamine Lab, also known as Meth Lab, is one of the most popular MC businesses among GTA Online players. Rockstar Games provides four locations to set up the business, two of which are in the city. It is also one of the most expensive businesses to establish in the game.

However, with high-ranking profits, players can easily recoup all establishment costs. A full batch of supplies sells for around $420,000 and takes about five hours to produce. The Meth Lab is one of the most lucrative businesses during increased money bonuses.

1) Cocaine Lockup

The Cocaine Lockup in GTA Online is the most profitable MC business, with profits of up to $500,000 for a full batch of manufactured goods. A full batch of supplies generates around $200,000 in profits, which is more than a full batch of Document Forgery Office products.

However, the business takes the longest time to produce a full batch, with an estimated time of slightly more than five hours. For this, players must resupply the business thrice, with each batch of supply products costing $75,000. Staff and equipment upgrades are also required for the business to maximize profits.

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